Mining is the most Creative Industry – Ron Manners


My guest today is an 83 year old businessman and a renowned Australian mining magnate. Born into a family of miners in the historic mining town of Kalgoorlie, Ron Manners has been described as a legend in the industry by Bill Repard of Australia’s Paydirt.
Mr Manners is remarkably astute as a businessman.Once, he engaged in almost a decade-long argument with the Australian Tax Office and won hands down.I met Ron Manners at the NewGenGold conference in Perth where he was introducing his new book titled The Lonely Libertarian – just one of many books he has written about the history of Australian Mining.
In this thoughtful conversation, Ron Manners says the mining industry is by far the most creative of all industries, making Australia an economically significant country in the world.AfricanPod Business Forum is produced by AfricanPod from Perth, the silicon valley of Mining, Energy and Business.
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