“Mining Done right is a Win for All” – AAMEG CEO, William Witham


My name is Phillip Nyakpo. Exploration and Mining done the right way and sustainably is a Win-win for all.That is the key message from William Witham, the Chief Executive of the Australia-Africa Mining and Energy Group also called AAMEG.I interviewed William Witham at the AAMEG Head Office in Perth where he told me the challenges and opportunities inherent in the industry and how the benefits can be shared by all.

First, William describes how his journey in life got him into his present role as Chief Executive of AAMEG. There is more on AfricanPod Business Forum.You can check out our videos, interviews and events on AfricanPod Business Forum’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLsESDBgIJd5MKvU3odrGVwThe video version of this interview is right there – just search for AfricanPod Business Forum and you can see it all for yourself in colour.

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