How to be a Purposeful Business Person – Cynthia Musafili Wright

Cynthia Musafili Wright, an African-Australian woman, and a passionate entrepreneur takes her turn on AfricanPod Business forum. After years of caring for people as a professional Nurse, Cynthia found her calling as an Entrepreneur. Consistent with her belief in making a positive difference in the lives of others, Cynthia has left footprints on many projects.

Cynthia Musafili Wright has also written a book to share some of the profound principles that keeps her in business, along with the big dreams she continues to works on.

You’ll find, as you listen to this interview that Cynthia is totally multi-faceted but still manages to keep her balance as a businesswoman, a wife, a mother and an unstoppable entrepreneur. Here is the thoughtful business conversation with Cynthia Musafili Wright.

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