Championing Precision, Accuracy and Safety in Mining – Bosco Tetteh, Hexagon Mining


Precision, accuracy and safety – these are the cornerstones of successful mining operations. Quality human resources – a collection of individuals with talent and training is required to achieve mining excellence, and our guest today is one of them. 

My name is Phillip Nyakpo and this is AfricanPod Business Forum, the audio and video podcast for thoughtful business conversations worldwide.

Bosco Tetteh, is one of the special individuals in the mining industry with the necessary talent, training and passion.

He works as the Global Senior Consultant at Hexagon Mining.

From his base in Perth, Australia, he is regularly called at a moment’s notice to go to any place in the world where his expertise is required at a busy mine site.

Bosco has 20 years experience in the mining industry, and his technical knowledge is remarkable.

As he takes his turn on AfricanPod Business Forum, Bosco Tetteh reveals what is involved in advanced Mining fleet Management for global operational excellence.


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