A Woman Who Speaks for Africa’s Future – Pamela Watson


Pamela Watson was born in Perth, Australia where she loved to see the golden sun setting across the Indian ocean to Africa. She followed the trajectory of the sun to Africa, and when she arrived, she did the unthinkable by riding a bicycle all by herself across the continent, traversing a distance of more than 14 thousand kilometers.

More than just a bike rider and adventurer, Pamela is also an Author, Entrepreneur and Management consultant in Africa’s toughest business environment – a place called Lagos, a megacity in Nigeria. She knows all about the legendary scams for which Nigeria is famous, but Pamela Watson says Lagos, Nigeria and Africa have a lot more good news stories than the world knows.

She describes Africa as having some of the most productive, resilient and creative people on earth. It is a picture she paints most beautifully in her book Gibbous Moon Over Lagos.

My thoughtful business conversation with Pamela Watson reveals her mission is to transform views and ideas about modern Africa and encourage business and social enterprise for a continent with a promising future.

My name is Phillip Nyakpo, your host on AfricanPod Business Forum – and here is the full interview in which Pamela Watson talks about growing up in Perth, Australia with dreams of Africa in her heart.


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